Exploring Lake Norman’s Greenways

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Even though the Charlotte Metro area is one of the fastest-growing areas in the US, it’s not all urban hustle. The Lake Norman area is a nature lover’s dream, just a stone’s throw from the city. Whether you’re into boating, fishing, hiking, or biking, there’s something for everyone who loves the outdoors- including the amazing greenways. Let’s explore what makes these trails must-visit destinations.

The Emerald Necklace: A Cornelius Outdoor Oasis

The Emerald Necklace is a beautiful 13+ mile loop that seamlessly connects the surrounding communities of Huntersville, Davidson, and Cornelius while showcasing the area’s natural beauty. From walking trails cutting through wooded areas to paved pathways stretching across open fields, this greenway has a little something for everyone. And the best part?

It’s still a work in progress! Though most of the greenway is developed, there are future plans for shared-use paths along Catawba Avenue and Sam Furr Road. Keep an eye out for updates as this gem of a trail continues to evolve and expand!

Davidson Greenways: Serenity And Sustainability

Davidson’s greenway system offers over six miles of walkable space, providing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the heart of it all is the Randall R. Kincaid Trail, a 2.8-mile stretch that’s perfect for leisurely strolls or invigorating jogs. Surrounded by eastern red cedar trees and other beautiful landscape features, this trail offers stunning views and is a great sanctuary for local wildlife. Whether you’re craving some ‘me time’ or looking to connect with neighbors over a scenic walk, Davidson’s greenways have a lot to offer.

The Huntersville Vine: Exploring Nature's Playground

This greenway allows you to explore the historic town of Huntersville like never before. The Huntersville Vine is a greenway system that’s diverse and expansive. Enjoy traveling through tunnels, over bridges, and exploring a few on-road sections that connect historic downtown Huntersville with the vibrant Birkdale area. If you’re in the mood for some extra adventure, why not make a pit stop at Latta Nature Preserve? With 1,460 acres of pristine wilderness to explore, including the Quest Center and Carolina Raptor Center, there’s no shortage of excitement along the way.

These three incredible greenways around Lake Norman are hidden gems and a great way to explore the beauty of the area while getting some fresh air.

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